Mona Haraty

Hi there! I recently graduated and I’m working on OurNows. Read more about what I’m up to now.

Here is a bit about my research: My PhD research was in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with a particular focus on advanced personalization for supporting behavioral differences. The domain of my research was personal task management (PTM), i.e. I studied individual differences in PTM and designed and studied a personalization mechanism for a PTM tool. I have also studied online personalization sharing practices in various tools to inform the design of mechanisms for sharing customizations. Prior to my Doctoral study, I received an MSc in Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, working with Brian Fisher in SCIENCE Lab. For my Master’s thesis, I studied sensemaking and exploratory web search and developed a Firefox plugin that supports users in their exploratory web search. I received a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Tehran.